Ken Pease Shares His Medicare Story

Mr. Pease joined Senate Democrats on Wednesday and shared his story about how the health care he got thanks to Medicare saved his life. We must save Medicare for current and future retirees.

Quarterly Executive Board Meeting

The Florida Alliance for Retired Americans will hold its Quarterly Executive Board Meeting on Monday, September 19th, 2016, at the Ramada Hotel and Conference Center Lakeland.
Where: Ramada Hotel and Conference Center Lakeland, FL | When: Monday, September 19, 2016 | RSVP: Registration Form

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Florida Alliance for Retired Americans
Florida Alliance for Retired Americans shared Social Security Works's photo.Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 at 1:41pm
Sharon Emmons No it isn't. It is allowing people to select the coverage they need. Welfare and Medicaid, unfortunately, will always be available for the aged, disabled and lazy.
Robb Gaunder I am a registered republican and I will never vote for another republican as long as I live. All of you in congress are voting against what your constituents want. It is time to stop serving the party and it's masters and vote what is best for the country.
Sylvia Helms Bryant Shame on everyone who voted yes. We will vote you out of office!
Carl Garcia It's all good to chant, march, rant and protest but it only counts when you enter the voting unlike 2016, make it count in November 2018
Myrna Twitty Ignorant comment! Obama was out to ruin our country by handing our free health care to everyone! Illegals included! Someone has to pay for that! Take healthcare back to your state and work it out! Big government is corruption.
Donnie Skinner Bet all these pissed off people are getting large subsidies to pay their Obamacare .
Richard Hamblen Democrats should just shut up. The grown-ups are in charge now, and will make America great again.
Lois Hofer They just keep getting away with this. Unless the democrats get their act together and come up with a strong message to get voters to the polls this will be our reality.
Michael X Manners If you harbor any thoughts of working with Republicans to get to a good healthcare bill, you are suffering from Battered Wife Syndrome. Republicans will NEVER stop doing what they are doing.
Karen Anderson Wasn't this a vote to debate the bill, not necessarily for the bill. An open debate is a way to move forward and possibly find ways to fix the ACA instead of just throwing everything out and having to start over. We can't just leave people "hanging" and at the mercy of the insurance industry, like it was prior to the current healthcare bill. There are things in the current bill that need to be carried forward. This is more about getting DT's name on a Bill than actually improving access to our healthcare system if the truth be known.
David Kerchner obamacare sucks!!!! it is failing and never was any good and somehow you don't want it changed - guess you are one of the ones my tax dollars pay for and you get it for no or little cost...correct???
Gail Welch Especially disappointed in Senator Mc Cain. He has his health care and the hell with everybody else.
Steve Hill Ya know, it's kinda stupid to list every Republican senator as if you thought that would make them change their vote. We all know Republicans oppose Obamacare. They know it too, and are not ashamed. Let's look on down the road.
Yvonne Jones I still think we should bypass insurance companies and government and form our own pool and have our own (single payer) non proffit insurance. There are enough billionaires to back this up. Prices will go down because the insurance Co. will have no profit.
Kristin Ede McCain? Come on you could have stood for decency. How many in your condition will not have the medical coverage and treatments. Shame on you.
Jim Clay WHO says we already have millions who dont have health care with stupid OBAMA CARE can not be any worse .
Theresa Williams 202-224-3121 If they repeal Obamacare WE will repeal them! Enough of the pettiness of trying to wipe out Obama's Presidency! It won't work!
Karon Featherston This is NOT true...that is a democratic lie! It is Obama Care that is robbing people of their healthcare with enormous deductibles & Dewits have it all backwards!!!
Joann Elizabeth Olivier Vote Cassidy and Kennedy from La. out both voted Yes both are heartless and liars. When called their offices was told they were not voting yes . Well they did so again the are liars !!!
Susan Tarvin Register and Vote Democratic. Don't sit home the next election, don't vote Independent, Don't vote Republican (for obvious reasons), Vote Democratic up and down the ticket. We need sanity in Washington DC.
Joey Buckles Rand Paul is another fake libertarian. Killing Medicaid will jeopardize the freedom of choice of disabled Americans and the elderly from receiving Home and Community Based Services and force many of them in to nursing facilities you wouldn't leave your dog alone in...
Bill Zapata What will the republican senators say to their constituents when they are no longer covered by Medicaid? The sad point is that they voted for their senators.
Marvin Smith What is wrong with debating health care? No health care plan got passed just to debate it
Sarah Moreno Most of the negative thoughts are from people who are SO MISINFORMED...... I believe in earning for what you want and need, not to be ripped off by the I'm stuck on there ACA plan, which has done nothing but make me poor!! Wake up people, now that they realize the won't have control of your hard earned working money, they will say anything
Joe Kormendy Well the rotten little creepy. Republicans I hope the all get a rare disease. And no one can help them except us snowflakes and we have to really think hard about this do we want to help or should we just sit back and watch like they do