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Resolution on Electronic Medical Records

Florida Alliance for Retired Americans Electronic medical records, as part of a secure national network of health information that is accessible by patients and health care providers, will improve health care quality and efficiency, reduce medical errors and constrain admi... Read more

Resolution on Creating a Health Benefits Exchange

Florida Alliance for Retired Americans The Governor and Legislature have a duty to implement national health care reform, the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. Politically partisan lawsuits have not rendered the law invalid. Refusing to accept ... Read more

Resolution on Modernizing and Reforming Florida’s Regressive Tax Structure

Florida Alliance for Retired Americans Florida continues to confront a budget crisis. Significant reductions have been made in important programs over the past several years. Florida's seniors, children and working people cannot have needed government services reduced further. F... Read more

Resolution on Health Care Price Transparency

Florida Alliance for Retired Americans Health care prices are generally not available to the public.  There is a strong tradition of secrecy regarding price information. Health care providers have little incentive to disclose prices because health care services are so lucrative... Read more

Resolution on Expanding Medicare For All Americans

Florida Alliance for Retired Americans The reform of our health care system continues to be a matter of great urgency. The high cost of health care has created a crisis that must be resolved by government to protect the health of the public, to reduce costs to businesses, and to... Read more

Legislative Report (September 28, 2015)

Florida's Redistricting Case-Back to Court The Florida Supreme Court on Friday sent the congressional redistricting case back to the trial court, although the justices did not block the Legislature from meeting in another special session to resolve the issue, The case ended u... Read more

Executive Board Meeting 2015

September 28, 2015 [gallery ids="280,285,282,283,279,284,281"] [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="2" gal_title="Board Meeting 2015"]... Read more

Richard Polangin on “Facing Florida” with Mike Vasilinda

To watch the "Facing Florida" With Mike Vasilinda TV interview on FLARA's Resolutions with Richard Polangin that urge people not to move to Florida or to visit Florida: Click on link below Scroll down to the second interview, "The Florida Alliance for Retired Americans" a... Read more

Legislative Report (March 24 & 25, 2015)

Florida Legislators Face Major Issues for 2015 Here are some of the major issues facing the Florida Legislature as it begins meeting on Tuesday, March 3. BUDGET With more than a $1 billion surplus, the 2015-16 state budget should present fewer obstacles to lawmakers. Yet h... Read more